A New Rave Invading the Market – Portabl Slide

Emergence of amazing laptop extension screen


A portable, foldable, light and thin accessory that adds 2 slide-out monitors to your laptop.

Portabl Slide gives you the best features of all.

You can carry it anywhere and remove from your backpack with ease.

It can flip back 180°.

Screen : 13.3 inches – 39cm (horizontal) x 26 (vertical), 46 (diagonal)
Weight : – 2kg – Display link DL-4120 chip

Flipping back 180° and can connect using USB-C

Portabl Slide works well with Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, and Android. The two full screens have a refresh rate of 60 hz. Portabl is so convenient that you can carry it anywhere.

The Best Laptop Companion

Buy Portabl using this link. HTTPS://SHOP.PORTABL.COM/2WE1-4SPMWQWZ

Portabl Slide invades the future of WFH Set-up

Portabl Best Features

Portabl device adds 2 monitors to any laptop on a single USB cable.


Made of premium aluminum, available in a single ‘Charcoal Black’ finish. Custom engraving (name or company name) on aluminum plate available.


Three screens on one laptop give itself a classy look.
Working on a laptop with three screens makes the work enjoyable, seamless, fast, and accessible.
The back of the Portabl is sleek, sturdy, and secure since it easily attaches to your standard laptop.

Positive Moods

Are you tired of looking on small fonts at your laptop?

For laptop and tablet users who need a smaller workspace, having multiple screens is helpful, especially if the devices have small displays, keyboards, and trackpads. Try Portabl Slide!

Get yours now

To focus on one project at a time, you can divide your workspace into three different displays with the help of Portabl Slide.

In addition, displays that can switch between landscape and portrait modes will perform better for processes that benefit from distinct aspects.

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Check Portabl In A Store Near You

Or visit the link below


Available in various colors:

Graphite Black, Pure White, Lava Red, Azur Blue, Magnetic Silver, Sweet Pink Gold, Cosmopolitan Gold and Carbon fiber

Highlights of the Uses of Portabl Slide

Travel is fun!
Home-based family time using Portabl Slide
Using your Portabl Slide and laptop with coworkers
Customer service using Portabl Slide
Portabl Slide and the executives
Portabl Slide in metaverse world


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